Characteristics of a Popular Blog

Some bloggers make a great living from their sites. It might seem easy because they started with a strategy. These professionals knew exactly what they hoped to accomplish before they wrote the first post. They knew their audience and they provided content they wanted to see. By understanding the characteristics of a popular blog, it will be easier to create one.


Readers are loyal to the blogs they follow but if they don’t know when they’ll find new content, they tend to look for it somewhere else. The key is consistency. Bloggers don’t have to post every day. However, they should have a consistent schedule and inform the readers when they can expect a new post. It’s essential to set an expectation and stick with it. Posting more frequently is better than ghosting readers for weeks at a time.


No one wants to read boring copy. Blogs that make money are fun to read and worth sharing. When the blogger knows their audience, it should be easy to write what they want to read. In addition to writing posts, it’s important to add images, videos and other multimedia to make the posts engaging. A good blog builder allows bloggers to post in a variety of mediums.


People look for blogs to find information. The wealthiest bloggers capitalize on this and provide just what their audience is seeking. They are perpetual students themselves, always seeking new information and insights to share with their readers. Although providing old information shared in a new way is fine from time to time, readers aren’t going to keep coming back or spend money with a blogger that doesn’t have anything new and different.

A new blogger shouldn’t expect to be an overnight success. However, by starting with a strategy, following a plan and being prepared to change course if necessary, there’s a good chance the blog will gain popularity. There are many different ways to monetize a blog but they all are more effective once the site has become popular. It’s easier to make money selling to a lot of people who are already interested in a subject and the person who is delivering the content.