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What You Need To Know About Self Defense Products

If you are afraid of walking alone at night, then you are not the only one, as a lot of people, mainly women are afraid of going at on their own after dark. This is not surprising, as there are cases of attacks every day. You should be ready to defend yourself should anything happen. There are ways other than investing in a gun and attending fighting classes to protect yourself in the event of an attack. The market today is filled with effective non-lethal products you can use to fight off attackers. The demand for self defense weapons has been on a constant rise because of increased insecurity in many parts of the globe and also because they are easy and convenient to use. Here, we look at some common self defense weapons, and attributes each good weapon should have.

Tasers and stun guns are some of the most common self defense weapons today. Many people think that these two are the same, while they are quite different. When using a stun gun, you have to get close to your attacker to ensure that the two are in contact whereas this is not necessary when using a taser since it is effective from several feet away. Stun guns are mainly purchased by people who can fight if attacked because of the need for contact. However, both weapons are effective since they immobilize attackers, giving victims the chance to run away.

Second on our list is pepper spray. This product is mainly used by women. It is in high demand because of its affordability and ease of use. Pepper spray is a must-have if you walk alone frequently because it will slow down your attacker when properly aimed.

You should also consider buying a folding knife if you are in the market for a self defense product. Folding knives are a popular option today because they are small, and as such, nobody is non the wiser as to your having it. This product, however, requires you to undergo training before use because you can easily injure yourself. Many attackers run away at the sight of a knife, but you have to know how to use it since some do not.

Small size and high impact self defense products are the best. You are advised to go small because, with small products, retrieval and use is easy. Small products allow you to maintain the element of surprise, which is vital when dealing with assailants. The right self defense weapon will also pack a full-size punch so as to render your attacker immobile or at least slow them in their tracks.

You should also consider the ease of use of a product before making a purchase. During an attack, the body releases a lot of adrenaline, which slows down one’s thinking hence the need for a weapon that needs little or no time to assemble.

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