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Benefits of Prayer

As believers of one Supreme Being, we all need to spare some time with yourself each day to communicate with Him spiritually. By this, you will be speaking to the Lord while expressing your gratitude and pleas to Him. In short, this is what prayer is all about – simply talking to God. You can be able to pray in church or do it wherever you will see it suitable for you. You can do it when standing, sitting or kneeling. There are many benefits that you will be able to bring yourself by having a word of prayer. Below are some of the benefits that you will get when you pray.

The first benefit of prayer is that it will help in strengthening your faith in God. When you pray you will be able to have faith in God and you will believe in Him. When you keep praying to God many great things happen especially when you are in need. When you pray and your prayer gets answered it will make you have more faith in God and you will keep praying each time. With more faith in God, you will have a reward and that is the Kingdom of Heaven will belong to you just as it is written in the Bible.

The second benefit of prayer is that it helps to bring Christians closer to God. Just as stated earlier on, prayer in a way of talking to God. When you bow down for a word of prayer you will be able to focus on your Christian lifestyle and you will get to improve your spirituality. Many times you will get temptations but with prayer, you will be able to overcome them. There is a proverb that says, a prayer a day keeps the devil away. You will be able to be nearer to God and this will reduce your chances of being a sinner.

The third benefit of prayer is that it will help to relieve stress and anxiety. There will be times when you will be depressed and you will need to turn to God and pray to Him to give you the strength to overcome what you are undergoing. You will be able to ask God to help you with what is mentally disturbing you. In the Bible, Jesus Christ called the weak and weary to come over to Him for rest. You are therefore encouraged to pray regularly and God will help you to overcome anxieties because all things will come at the right time.

The other benefit of prayer is that prayer will help you towards forgiveness and salvation. When you are a sinner to get closer to God again you will need to pray and ask for pardon. Through prayers, our way to salvation is also prepared because God is always ready to listen to His people and accept their pleas. Jesus also taught his disciples about the importance of prayer and how to pray. As a Christian, you should make prayer a habit. In conclusion, the above are the benefits of prayer.

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